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10mm Once-Fired Brass

When the project calls for quality 10mm brass for reloading, there's no reason to look anywhere but Capital Cartridge. Capital Cartridge offers a variety of 10mm once fired reloading brass cartridges for sale to suit the needs of every 10mm reloader. If time is of the essence, save a little grunt-work and choose 100-piece lots of pre-cleaned, polished 10mm brass. Capital Cartridge is happy to do the dirty work and provide reloaders with clean, ready-to-process brass, as well as lots of raw casings. Raw, uncleaned brass is available in lots of 100, 500, 1000+ and even 2000+ casings. All of Capital's once-fired 10mm brass lots are mixed headstamp groups of quality range brass.

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10 MM Pistol Brass - once fired brass shipped in 100 Cases qty Nickel Finish 10 MM Auto Pistol Brass - Nickel Finish

Headstamps Are Mixed
100 Casings

Our Price: $20.00
4 in stock!
10 MM Pistol Brass - once fired brass shipped in 500 Cases qty 10 MM Pistol Brass

Headstamps Are Mixed
500+ Casings

Our Price: $92.00
39 in stock!