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Once-Fired .243 Winchester Reloading Brass

The Winchester .243 has become what can only be described as a perennial favorite in the small arms community. From first-time hunters to its stint as a tactical SWAT round, the 243 is one of the most popular calibers out there. That makes the demand for 243 brass a constant and keeps the supply of once-fired 243 brass pretty meager in some places. There is an answer to that problem. Capital cartridge sources 243 Winchester Brass from commercial ranges and preps it for sale to reloaders who need 243 reloading brass now. Capital prewashes and polishes and makes 243 Winchester Brass available for purchase in lots of 100 mixed headstamp cartridges. There’s no need to look anywhere else for 243 Win Brass.

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243 WIN Rifle Brass Nickel Finish .243 WIN Rifle Brass - Nickel Finish

Headstamps Are Mixed
50 Casings

Our Price: $33.00
Out of Stock
243 WIN Rifle Brass .243 WIN Rifle Brass

Headstamps Are Mixed
100 Casings

Our Price: $55.00
Out of Stock