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Once-Fired 25-06 Remington Reloading Brass

In 1969, Remington picked up a wildcat cartridge based on the 30-06. Remington 25-06 brass is a necked-down 30-06 fitted for a .257 caliber bullet. The 25-06 became part of our military arsenal for World War I, and through the Civilian Marksmanship program, many gunsmiths adopted the cartridge for their own purposes. Once in the hands of civilian smiths, the 25-06 became a reloader’s project as well, creating a demand for reloading brass that continues today.

Access to once-fired 25-06 brass is limited in most areas, making work using 25-06 Remington brass difficult for many reloaders. Those who need a reliable source for 25-06 Remington reloading brass can rest easy. Capital Cartridge has 25 06 brass in stock, ready to ship in 50 casing lots. Capital’s 25-06 reloading brass is sorted for quality, washed and polished, making it ready for the reloader’s special touch.

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25-06 Rem Brass .25-06 Rem Rifle Brass

Headstamps Are Mixed
50 Casings

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