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.270 WSM Rifle Brass

270 WSM Rifle Brass


.270 WSM Rifle Brass

  • Headstamps Are Mixed
  • Unprocessed
  • Washed and Polished
  • 100% Brass Casings
  • 25 Casings
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Like many of the specialty cartridges we have, the .270 WSM was originally a wildcat cartridge. The WSM stands for Winchester Short Magnum. It was created in 2002, alongside the 7mm WSM, by necking down the .300 Winchester Short Magnum and adapting it to take a .277 caliber bullet. The correct name, a listed with SAAMI, is the 270 WSM, without the decimal. When it was introduced, the 300 WSM sported a new case that showed a lot of promise for uses in other calibers. Seeing the success of the 300 WSM, in 2002 Winchester introduced new cartridges in its Winchester Short Magnum family, including the 7 mm WSM and 270 WSM. This new .270 cartridge was the third commercial .270 ever produced, and the first one in 60 years.

Because it offers a faster speed with bullets of the same weight, the 270 WSM is a massive improvement over the older 270 Winchester. It’s increase in speed (more the 250 feet per second increase) allows it to fly on a smoother trajectory and with more energy than its predecessor. What has also been discovered by manufactures is that the guns chambered in the .270 WSM tend to be lighter than other calibers as well. Though the cost of the ammo tends to be on the higher side, with the ever increasing demand of metal in developing nations, the cartridge is still a favorite amongst many shooters.

Each box contains 25 once fired brass shell casings. Headstamps are mixed. This is unprocessed brass sourced from commercial shooting ranges. The casings have been washed and polished, but not resized and may still contain the spent primer. It is recommended that all brass be inspected prior to being reloaded and fired.

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