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Once-Fired .270 Brass

270 Winchester reloading brass is one of America's most sought-after cartridges. Capital Cartridge makes it simple to find once-fired .270 brass ready for processing. Capital sorts and cleans bulk cartridges and offers packaged lots of quality .270 brass for sale.

The purist will enjoy Capital's 100-piece lots of Remington-Peters casings. These 100-percent-brass casings are just what the doctor ordered for the serious reloader who wants identical matched rounds after processing. Capital sorts and cleans these .270 Winchester reloading brass cartridges so they're ready to be deprimed and resized right out of the box. The nickel cartridge fan can opt for Capital's nickel .270 Win brass. It's cleaned and sorted just like the R-P brass but comes in mixed headstamp lots of 50 casings. Whatever your pleasure, Capital Cartridge has the once-fired .270 brass you need.

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270 Win Brass 270 Win Rifle Brass

Headstamps Are Mixed
100 Casings

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