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.270 WSM Brass

While the 270 Winchester Short Magnum is less than 20 years old, it has gained popularity quickly. Those who loved the idea of the .300 WSM but were attached to the .270 have made this one a strong growth prospect for reloaders all over the country. The 270 WSM is faster than the tried-and-true .270 Winchester and delivers a more even trajectory, retaining greater energy over distance. The cost of factory ammo being what it is, this one’s a reloader’s dream. Acquiring 270 WSM brass can be a trick in some areas, so what’s a reloader to do? Contact Capital Cartridge for 270 short mag brass and save the search.

Capital Cartridge offers 270 WSM brass cartridges in 25-case lots of either mixed or all Remington-Peters headstamps. Our 270 Winchester Short Magnum Brass is washed and polished, ready for custom processing for clients or your own private use.

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270 WSM Rifle Brass .270 WSM Rifle Brass

Headstamps Are Mixed
25 Casings

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