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.284 Win Rifle Brass
.284 Win Rifle Brass


.284 Win Rifle Brass

  • Headstamps Are Mixed
  • Unprocessed
  • Washed and Polished
  • 100% Brass Casings
  • 25 Casings
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The .284 Winchester, created in 1963, was intended to be a combination of the .270 Winchester and .280 Remington, with regards to performance, for the Winchester model 100 autoloader and model 88 Lever Action. It is a perfect example of a commercially unsuccessful cartridge that has made a big comeback due to, in part, the interest of long range competitive shooters.

The idea behind the .284 Winchester was to stuff a much powder as possible in a short case. That’s why it’s designers gave it a fat body, 35-degree shoulder, and a rebated rim capable of fitting a .30-06 bolt face. The failure of the .284 Win wasn’t so much in the round itself but in the failure of the guns it was intended to be used in. However, the bullet was seated deeply, taking up much of the powder space.

Another down fall was the use of low-quality brass due to low demand. However, the round has seen a resurgence in recent years. Its resurgence came with the development of the 6.5x284, which is popular among long-range target shooters. Now, Hornady and Norma load this cartridge. Even better is that they have been using superb brass to do so. It will be interesting to see just how popular this round becomes or if it becomes overshadowed by a better performing, lower cost round.

Each box contains 25 once fired brass shell casings. Headstamps are mixed. This is unprocessed brass sourced from commercial shooting ranges. The casings have been washed and polished, but not resized and may still contain the spent primer.

It is recommended that all brass be inspected prior to being reloaded and fired.

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