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Once-Fired .30-30 Reloading Brass

Capital Cartridge offers .30-30 reloading brass for sale to the reloading community at reasonable prices. Capital has sorted and cleaned once-fired .30-30 brass for sale in 100-piece lots. These cartridges are ready for processing but may contain fired primers.

This .30-30 Winchester brass is available in 100-piece lots packaged two ways. For those who don't put much stock in labels, Capital offers 100-cartridge lots with mixed manufacturers' headstamps. Those who prefer Remington-Peters casings can get their fix with segregated .30-30 brass lots that only contain R-P headstamps. Capital does the dirty work to leave the reloader more time for the precision work. Capital makes quality .30-30 brass easy to buy. Spend time reloading, not hunting for brass.

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30-30 Rifle Brass 30-30 Rifle Brass

Headstamps Are Mixed
100 Casings

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