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.30 Carbine Rifle Brass

30 Carbine Rifle Brass


.30 Carbine Rifle Brass

  • Mixed Headstamps
  • Unprocessed
  • Washed and Polished
  • 100% Brass Casings
  • 100 Casings
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Designed by Winchester for the military in the early 1940s, the .30 Carbine cartridge (and the firearm it was originally designed for: the M1 Carbine), was designed to be “more than a pistol, but less than a rifle.” Used with by the United States military in World War II, Korea, and Vietnam, the .30 Carbine also became very popular among civilian hunters and shooters. Though it is a great cartridge under the appropriate conditions, the .30 Carbine is probably one of the most under-rated light rifle cartridges in the United States. .

Adopted by the military at the beginning of World War II, the M1 Carbine was intended for use by Soldiers such as truck drivers, radio operators, forward observers, and mortar crewmen, for whom it was impractical to carry and use the larger and heavier M1 Garand rifle. The M1 Carbine was developed as a compromise to give them a weapon that was lighter and easier to carry than a full-sized rifle, but more powerful and with a longer effective range than a pistol or submachine gun. With a 15 (and later 30) round detachable magazine, the semi-automatic M1 Carbine gave the Soldier using it a considerable amount of firepower, especially compared to other military weapons at the time. These days, the .30 Carbine cartridge is still relatively common in the United States. After World War II ended, the Army sold hundreds of thousands of new M1 Carbines to civilians as surplus. Available for less than $20 apiece, the M1 Carbine quickly became extremely popular among hunters and shooters in the United States. .

Each box contains 100 once fired brass shell casings. Mixed headstamps. This is unprocessed brass sourced from commercial shooting ranges. The casings have been washed and polished, but not resized and may still contain the spent primer. It is recommended that all brass be inspected prior to being reloaded and fired.

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