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.30 Carbine Once-Fired Brass

The 30 carbine has a long and storied history with our nation’s military. With the help of veterans and military surplus sales, this middleweight weapon also enjoys a huge civilian following. That makes the 30 carbine a high-demand cartridge in the reloading community. If your area has a shortage of 30 carbine once-fired brass and you’re looking for a steady supply, Capital Cartridge can supply what you need.

Capital Cartridge offers once-fired M1 carbine brass in lots of 100 casings. These 100-percent brass mixed headstamp cartridges are washed and polished. The brass is collected from commercial ranges across the country. This 30 Carbine reloading brass may require depriming prior to further processing. Capital Cartridge is the only source you need for 30 carbine brass for all your reloading projects.

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30 Carbine Rifle Brass .30 Carbine Rifle Brass

Mixed Headstamps
100 Casings

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