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300 Blackout Brass

At Capital Cartridge, we know that it can be difficult to find good once-fired .300 Blackout brass for sale. We strive to offer reloaders easy access to the quantities of .300 AAC Blackout brass they want at prices they can afford. We offer mixed headstamp lots of once-fired Blackout brass for sale as well as 5.56 NATO casings with dented necks that work beautifully for the reloader who is ready to cut and process them into his own custom .300 Blackout brass.

We offer options for every type of reloader. For those who want to make a large quantity of ammunition and have the confidence to cut down NATO cartridges, we offer 1,000-piece lots of 5.56 NATO rounds suitable for processing into .300 Blackout brass.

For those who want large quantities but prefer to start with casings that have already been cycled as .300 Blackout casings, Capital Cartridge offers lots of 2,000 pieces that are once-fired but completely raw. Reloaders who prefer cleaned cases for processing can buy their brass in smaller lots. Capital can furnish lots of 250 or 500 pieces of once-fired .300 Blackout brass that is clean and ready for further processing. All once-fired .300 Blackout lots may contain up to 20 percent converted 5.56 NATO casings.

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300 Blackout Rifle Brass Fully Processed .300 Blackout Rifle Brass

Headstamps Are Mixed
250+ Casings

Our Price: $71.00
43 in stock!
300 Blackout Rifle Brass 500 cases .300 Blackout Rifle Brass

Headstamps Are Mixed
500+ Casings

Our Price: $90.00
Out of Stock
5.56 NATO Rifle Brass - Dented Neck 5.56 NATO Rifle Brass - Dented Neck

Mixed NATO Headstamps
1000+ Casings

Our Price: $125.00
Out of Stock