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.308 Marlin Express Brass

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308 Marlin Express Rifle Brass .308 Marlin Express Rifle Brass

Hornady Headstamps
50 Casings

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We know reloaders love to create high-performance ammunition, but sometimes it can be hard to find the empties for a favorite project. That’s especially true when dealing with a round like the 308 Marlin Express. The 308 Marlin Express hasn’t been in the field long enough to become really popular, so there aren't a lot of empties laying around. When reloaders need 308 Marlin Express brass, it can be almost impossible to find enough locally. Those reloading 308 Marlin Express require a consistent source for the brass they need. That source is Capital Cartridge. Using Capital’s 50-piece lots of once-fired Hornady brass lets the reloader make quality 308 Marlin Express ammo without the extra hassle of hunting down brass.