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Once-Fired .35 Remington Brass

Many shooters feel the 35 Remington is the perfect brush gun. The 35 caliber bullet cuts through twigs without deviating from its intended path and carries the knockdown power game hunters need. While the 35 Remington has been in commercial production under a variety of manufacturers since 1906, the demand for 35 Remington once-fired brass is still strong. Unfortunately, the supply of 35 rem reloading brass for sale isn’t stable in most of the country. Reloaders who need a predictable source of once-fired Remington brass for sale can rely on Capital Cartridge.

Capital offers once-fired 35 Remington brass for sale in 25 cartridge lots. These lots are 100-percent brass casings that have been washed and polished. These will require depriming before they are ready to be processed by the reloader. Leave it to Capital Cartridge to supply the empties reloaders need to produce complete custom ammunition for their local bush hunters.

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35 Rem Rifle Brass .35 Rem Rifle Brass

Headstamps Are Mixed
25 Casings

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