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Once-Fired .38 Special Brass

Capital Cartridge offers quality once-fired 38 Special brass, suitable for every reloader. Those in the market for 38 Special reloading brass will find the supply of .38 Special cartridges at Capital Cartridge is ample enough to keep them supplied for as long as they choose to load and shoot this popular caliber. Load for one or load for the whole club - Capital Cartridge has both nickel-finished and 100-percent-brass cartridge lots available for sale.

Choose from lots of 1,000 casings or 500 piece lots of once-fired 38 Spl brass. All lots contain mixed headstamps and are unprocessed. These casings are ready for the reloader's touch. Lots of 500 and 1,000 are available in either a nickel finish or as 100-percent-solid-brass casings. This is quality range brass, ready for the reloader who wants complete control of his or her ammunition, from depriming all the way through to the final seat. These quality lots of .38 Special brass are a sure fit for any reloader's 38 Special projects.

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38 Special Pistol Brass/ Nickel .38 Special Pistol Brass

Headstamps Are Mixed
500+ Casings

Our Price: $30.00
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