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Once-Fired .380 Auto Brass

The .380 is a fairly popular caliber among those using a pistol for personal protection. When a pistol becomes popular with shooters, it's popular with reloaders too. That means that in today's market, it's not always easy to find once-fired .380 auto brass for the next reloading project. Capital Cartridge is here to solve those supply problems for reloaders everywhere.

Whether you prefer to let Capital do the dirty work or you want complete oversight of everything from depriming to the final trim, Capital Cartridge offers lots of .380 auto brass for sale that will make the grade. Capital offers mixed-headstamp lots of 500 or 1,000 unprocessed casings and 250-piece lots of fully processed 100-percent-brass .380 casings. All of the quality once-fired .380 brass offered by Capital Cartridge is mixed-headstamp, range-sourced reloading brass.

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380 Auto Unprocessed Pistol Brass .380 Auto Pistol Brass

Headstamps Are Mixed
500+ Casings

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