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.44 Rem Mag Once-Fired Brass

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44 Mag Pistol Brass .44 Rem Mag Pistol Brass

Mixed Headstamps
100 Casings

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Big Bore Pistol and Rifle Mix Big Bore Pistol Mix

Big Bore Pistol and Rifle Mix
20 LBS

Our Price: $190.00
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There is only one pistol cartridge so legendary that it’s earned its own place in the limelight in Hollywood. The 44 Magnum isn’t just Harry Callahan’s go-to choice; it’s so popular with the American shooter that it can be hard to find enough once-fired 44 Magnum brass for every project. When reloaders need a reliable supply of 44 Remington Magnum brass, they can’t always rely on local sources. Capital Cartridge is a quality source of once fired .44 Magnum brass for sale. Capital’s 44 Mag brass is available in lots of 100 or 250+ mixed headstamp solid brass casings. These 44 Magnum once fired brass cases are ready for processing and will arrive prewashed and polished. All they need is your custom reloader touch to make your day.