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Once-Fired .44 S&W Special Reloading Brass

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.44 S&W Special Pistol Brass .44 S&W Special Pistol Brass

Headstamps Are Mixed
50+ Casings

Our Price: $33.00
42 in stock!
Big Bore Pistol and Rifle Mix Big Bore Pistol Mix

Big Bore Pistol and Rifle Mix
20 LBS

Our Price: $190.00
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The S&W 44 Special isn’t nearly as popular as some of its more well-known brethren, but in the custom loading community, it’s a stalwart favorite. While the local range may never have a loose piece of 44 special brass available for scrounging, the custom reloader probably has some demand for this underrated cartridge. As the secrets of a properly loaded 44 Special are revealed, the supply of 44 Special reloading brass will be in higher demand than ever. Capital Cartridge can bridge the gap between the local supply of 44 S&W brass and the demand. Capital offers 44 Special brass for sale in lots of 50 mixed brass and nickel casings. Each lot has been washed and polished but processed no further. This allows the reloader the freedom to do it his or her way from start to finish. When full control is a must, smart reloaders know they can count on Capital Cartridge to deliver the 44 Special brass they need.