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.454 Casull Once-Fired Reloading Brass

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.454 Casull Pistol Brass .454 Casull Pistol Brass

Headstamps Are Mixed
50 Casings

Our Price: $43.00
Big Bore Pistol and Rifle Mix Big Bore Pistol Mix

Big Bore Pistol and Rifle Mix
20 LBS

Our Price: $190.00
When shooters look for power in a handgun, one caliber comes to mind more frequently than others. The 454 Casull is synonymous with power. Whether it’s for a Ruger, Taurus or another manufacturer’s version, they all need 454 brass. The reloader’s dilemma isn’t whether to reload for the 454 Casull – it’s finding a steady supply of once fired 454 Casull brass. Capital Cartridge offers 454 Casull once fired brass in lots of 50. This 454 Casull reloading brass is furnished as combined groups of nickel and solid brass casings. Capital’s mixed headstamp lots are washed and polished, ready for the reloader’s magic touch. These once-fired casings are sourced from commercial ranges and handled by Capital Cartridge to make it easy for reloaders everywhere to get the empties they need without digging through the slushpile themselves. Choose reliable, easy sourcing for your 454 Casull empties. Choose Capital Cartridge.