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Once-Fired .50 BMG Brass

50 cal brass is one of the reloading community’s most sought-after cartridges. Capital Cartridge offers lots of quality unprocessed once-fired 50 BMG brass for sale to the small arms community in quantities to suit the needs of individual reloaders.

These are solid 100-percent brass military 50 cal casings with BMG headstamps. This brass is ready for cleaning and processing. Capital Cartridge packages lots for the reloader’s convenience. The casual reloader can purchase a lot of 50 brass shell casings. The frequent shooter will find Capital’s 200-piece lots of 50 cal brass a perfect fit. Regardless of lot size, Capital’s 50 cal brass is the reloader’s best bet.

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Reloadable 50 BMG Rifle Brass .50 BMG Rifle Brass

NATO Headstamps
50 Casings

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