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Once-Fired 500 S&W Brass

Gun guys can’t help it; sometimes bigger is just better. When it comes to handguns, there isn’t a whole lot better than the 500 Smith and Wesson Pistol. The 500 S&W is easily considered among the best by American sportsmen. It’s capable of taking virtually any big game on the North American Content. Load it right, and it will achieve a muzzle velocity of over 2,000 feet per second. Vary the load and bullet weight and create the perfect handgun for any big game.
The wide range of loading possibilities makes the demand for once-fired 500 S&W brass stronger than most areas can produce predictably. What reloaders need is a steady supply of S&W 500 Magnum brass for sale. Capital Cartridge offers 500 Magnum brass in lots of 50 mixed headstamp casings. These once-fired casings will be mixed brass and nickel cartridges that have been cleaned and polished but remain otherwise unprocessed. Reloaders will have complete control over the final product created with Capital’s 500 Smith and Wesson Brass.
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500 S&W Pistol Brass .500 S&W Pistol Brass

Headstamps Are Mixed
50 Casings

Our Price: $22.50
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500 S&W Pistol Brass Nickel Finish .500 S&W Pistol Brass - Nickel Finish

Headstamps Are Mixed
50 Casings

Our Price: $30.00
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Big Bore Pistol and Rifle Mix Big Bore Pistol Mix

Big Bore Pistol and Rifle Mix
20 LBS

Our Price: $160.00
18 in stock!