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Once-Fired 6MM Remington Brass

The 6mm Remington had a rough beginning as the .244 Remington, but when it was rebranded as the 6mm Remington with the birth of the 700 Remington bolt action rifle, it began a new life that enjoys fair popularity to this day. Reloaders love the 6mm Remington. The 6mm Rem brass features a large powder capacity and a long neck that allows for the use of a multitude of different bullets. The only thing about the 6mm not fantastic for the reloader is the off-again-on-again supply of empties in most areas. The best way to ensure a steady supply of 6mm Remington brass for sale is to deal with a supplier who can use a broad base of resources. Capital Cartridge sources empty cartridges from a variety of ranges across the U.S., ensuring we can fulfill the 6mm Remington reloading brass needs of the firearms community.
Capital Cartridge offers 6mm Rem brass for sale in lots of 25, 100-percent brass casings. Capital’s mixed headstamp lots of 6mm Remington brass are washed and polished, ready for processing into the perfect 6mm Remington ammunition for any shooter’s needs.
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6MM Rem Rifle Brass 6mm Rem Rifle Brass

Headstamps Are Mixed
25 Casings

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