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7.62 Nagant Pistol Brass

7.62 Nagant Pistol Brass


7.62x38 Nagant Pistol Brass

  • Headstamps Are Mixed
  • Unprocessed
  • Washed and Polished
  • 100% Brass Casings
  • 50 Casings
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The 7.62x38 Nagant, also known as the 7.62x38mmR, was originally a Soviet-based cartridge developed for the Russian Nagant M1895 Revolver. The revolver, itself, featured an innovative “gas-seal” system where the cylinder would move forward when the gun was coked, closing the gap between the cylinder and the barrel. This was done to provide a boost to the muzzle velocity and to allow an amount of suppression, an unusual ability in a revolver.

The round was created in unison with the revolver by Leon Nagant, a Belgian Industrialist who built it mainly for the Russian Empire. Also, there were experimental submachine guns created for the round, but none were accepted into service. The round features an odd design that includes the projectile being seated below the mouth of the cartridge and the crimp sitting just above the bullet. This was done to coincide with the “gas-seal” design of the revolver to give it an extra degree of sealing; the crimp expands into the forcing cone. This is also said to increase muzzle velocity by about 75 feet per second. Though their usage is not as widespread as when it was created, M1895s have shown up in the hands of terrorists, as well as assassins in the Vietnam War. Finding the brass to reload, however, can often be complicated and expensive.

Each box contains 50 once fired brass shell casings. Headstamps are mixed. This is unprocessed brass sourced from commercial shooting ranges. The casings have been washed and polished, but not resized and may still contain the spent primer. It is recommended that all brass be inspected prior to being reloaded and fired.

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