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Once-Fired .7mm-08 Rifle Brass

The 7mm-08 was a popular wildcat cartridge for years before it was officially adopted by Remington as a commercial cartridge in 1980. The firearms giant made no change to either the design or name of the 7mm-08, and its following remained modest until the lightweight rifle boom began in the 1990s. Since then, the demand for 7mm 08 brass once-fired has soared as casual hunters have attached themselves to the round, enjoying the lighter recoil and great down-range energy it provides.

Those reloading the 7mm 08 may find it difficult to locate a source of 7mm 08 brass for sale in their local area. Reloaders who experience a shortage of quality 7mm 08 Remington brass can rely on Capital Cartridge to have 7mm 08 brass in stock. Capital offers 7mm-08 cartridges in 50-piece lots of 100-percent brass cartridges in either mixed or all Remington-Peters headstamps. Both choices offer great quality, clean, polished brass cartridges that are ready for the reloader’s personal touch.

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7mm 08 Rifle Brass 7mm-08 Rem Rifle Brass

Headstamps Are Mixed
50 Casings

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