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Once-Fired 7mm Rem Mag Brass

Reloaders who are looking for 7mm Remington Magnum brass may have mixed results finding what they need in a given area. When the demand for 7mm Rem Mag brass exceeds supply, Capital Cartridge is the next best thing to having brass in hand. Capital has 7mm Rem Mag brass in stock, ready to fill customer orders on demand. Capital Cartridge offers 7mm Rem Mag brass for sale in 50-piece lots of mixed-headstamp all-brass casings. There’s little need to look anywhere else for reloading brass of this caliber. Capital has even cleaned and polished the 7mm Remington Magnum brass it offers, so it’s ready for the reloader’s touch without compromising control over the finished product.

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7mm Rem Mag Rifle Brass - Once Fired casings 7mm Rem Mag Brass

Headstamps Are Mixed
50 Casings

Our Price: $44.00
12 in stock!