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Once-Fired 7mm RUM Brass

The 7mm Remington Ultra Magnum is one of those cartridges with a small but devoted following. Those who stick with this finicky cartridge are devoted to the reloaders’ art. What that requires is a predictable source for Remington 7mm Ultra Mag Brass. The average neighborhood range brass barrel isn’t likely to yield the quantity of 7mm RUM brass to fill an avid shooter’s needs. Capital Cartridge is the source reloaders can count on for 7mm Ultra Mag brass. Capital furnishes 7mm Remington Ultra Mag brass in 25 case lots. These 100-percent brass casings are all Nosler headstamps. This brass is washed and polished but is not processed further. That leaves the reloader in complete control of the finished 7mm Ultra Mag Ammunition, and that makes for happy shooters.
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7mm RUM Rifle Brass Nosler 7mm RUM Rifle Brass

Nosler Headstamps
25 Casings

Our Price: $50.00