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Once-Fired 7mm STW Rifle Brass

The 7mm Shooting Times Westerner began as a wildcat cartridge in 1979 and was recognized by SAAMI in 1996. With official recognition on the map, manufacturers began to produce production rifles chambered to 7mm STW. That means demand for 7mm STW brass is a real thing, and the supply of once-fired 7mm STW brass for sale or scrounging is slim to none in a lot of areas. People who need brass for 7mm STW reloading might be lucky enough to find a stock of Remington 7mm STW brass locally, but it really isn’t likely. What it comes down to is Capital Cartridge is the best choice for those who need to know there is 7mm STW brass in stock when they require it. Capital sources empties from ranges across the U.S., so if it’s out there, it has it. Capital Cartridge offers 7mm STW brass for sale in lots of 25. Those lots contain quality washed and polished brass. These are mixed-headstamp lots, ready for processing on arrival.