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Once-Fired 9mm Brass

Capital Cartridge offers once-fired 9mm brass for sale to fill every reloader’s needs. Capital offers quality 9mm once-fired brass for sale in either 1000-piece lots of nickel 9mm casings or 250-piece lots of 100-percent brass casings. All lots consist of mixed manufacturer headstamps.

For the reloader who needs clean, ready-to-process casings, Capital’s processed once-fired 9mm brass is available in a 250-piece lot. These lots of all brass 9mm casings have been completely processed and are ready for your favorite combination of primer, powder and bullet. Capital has taken out all of the busy work with these lots. They’re deprimed, cleaned and polished, and resized. Go from the mailbox to the press with these casings and save yourself some time.

The reloader who has time and likes to be in complete control of the reloading process can select a 1000-piece lot of Capital Cartridge’s nickel 9mm range brass. These are first-quality once-fired 9mm cartridges that have not been processed. Add a personal touch from start to finish beginning with these 9mm nickel empties.

Capital Cartridge wants to make sure our reloaders can access the supplies they need, so we also offer 9mm bullets for the discerning reloader. Capital stocks X-TREME bullets in 500-count lots. Choose 147-grain or 115-grain round-nosed 9mm bullets. These bullets measure 0.356 in diameter and will work beautifully with your primers and power to complete a reloading project with any of Capital’s quality 9mm brass.

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9mm Processed Pistol Brass Fully Processed 9mm Pistol Brass

Headstamps Are Mixed
250+ Casings

Our Price: $28.00
37 in stock!
9mm Unprocessed Pistol Brass 9mm Pistol Brass

Headstamps Are Mixed
1000+ Casings

Our Price: $45.00
35 in stock!
9mm Unprocessed Pistol Brass 9mm Pistol Brass - Nickel Finish

Headstamps Are Mixed
1000+ Casings

Our Price: $47.00
9 in stock!