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Why Reload Your Own Ammo?

For many, reloading brass simply allows them to save money. For others, it’s a way of having fun while doing something they love; shooting guns. There are many reasons why one would want to begin reloading. If you fall under one of the following categories, reloading your own ammunition might just be in your wheel house.

Save Money

Let’s be honest here. Reloading your own ammunition isn’t going to save you money upfront. In fact, you will be spending a chunk of your money to get started. However, if you reload brass the correct way, your investment will start paying for itself in no time.

When you start reloading, you will need to purchase a reloading press, dies for each caliber you wish to load, powder measurement tools, and everything that goes into making a round; powder, primer, bullet, and reloading brass casings. With that being said, how much money you save by reloading your own ammo depends on two main factors; how much you plan to shoot and how much you spend up front.

For those that plan to shoot a considerable amount of ammo, reloading your own brass will definitely save you money. However, it might also cause you to shoot more, but is that really a bad thing?

Accuracy and Custom Loads

There are those that choose to reload specifically for the ability to have customized loads. There are two main categories of shooters in this section; hunters and competition shooters. When you reload brass, you have the ability to create custom rounds for each particular gun in your arsenal. Imagine the precision you could achieve by doing this.

That’s why hunters and competition shooters prefer to reload their own ammo. There are nearly infinite possibilities that a shooter can try to achieve optimum performance and accuracy. Finding the combination of factors for you is achieved through extensive trial and error. Shooters in this category often send thousands of rounds downrange before the perfect round is created. Again, that equals more shooting and I’ve never heard a shooter say that they’ve ever shot too much.

Gun Laws

Truth be told, the government is one of the largest sellers of firearms and ammunition, yet they’ve never sold a single gun. This is because every time a piece of legislation is brought to the floor, gun owners flock to their local stores to stock up on guns and ammo. This wreaks havoc on the whole supply and demand principal.

As the demand on ammunition increases, the supply decreases, causing the price of said ammunition to sky rocket. At this point, it becomes about more than just saving money; you can’t save money if there’s nothing to buy. That’s why many of those that reload their own ammunition do so to insure they have their own supply of ammo.

This could simply mean stock piling the ingredients and reloading as you need them. If this is you, be sure you are staying within the safe limits for storage and that each ingredient is stored separately.

For fun

In the end, there’s the crowd of shooters that reload brass simply for the enjoyment factor. There is nothing more fulfilling than firing a round that you’ve created from scratch. To have that feeling every time you pull the trigger is an adrenaline high nothing else can equal. Those under this category seldom worry about cost but simply continue to reload their own ammunition for enjoyment. Always remember not to let the enjoyment overshadow the need to be safe in every step of the reloading process.

If you’re new into reloading brass, we invite you to read our many articles on the topic. You are sure to find the information you need to get you started.