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Choose Your Brass

Perhaps one of the most expensive aspects of reloading your own ammo is the reloading brass itself. However, it’s the only item from the original round that can be reused. This makes finding an excellent source of reloading brass the highest priority for any reloader. Once you have a consistent source in place, you can focus on the actual reloading with the ability to trust your brass.

New VS. Once Fired

When it comes down to purchasing reloading brass, you essentially have the option to purchase brand new brass or what is commonly referred to as once-fired brass. New refers to just that, newly manufactured brass that has never been discharged from a gun. There are some reloaders who believe that purchasing new is the only way to go. When you do so, you are essentially paying more for that “new car smell.” However, finding a reputable company to purchase your once-fired reloading brass from will not only save you money but allow you to reload with a peace of mind, knowing your brass is top-notch .

Why Once-Fired gained a bad rep

The reason some reloaders are skeptical about buying once-fired reloading brass is that some companies don’t have a reputation of being honest about the status of their brass. Also, because once-fired reloading brass often comes from shooting ranges that require their shooters to shoot brand new ammo, there is skepticism around how closely the ranges monitor the ammo.

In turn, if the range doesn’t monitor the ammo and allows reloaded ammo to be shot, you wouldn’t actually be getting once-fired brass. That’s why it is important to buy once-fired brass from a supplier that has the reputation of actually selling once-fired reloading brass.

Always inspect the Brass

When buying reloading brass, whether through a new-brass dealer or once-fired, always inspect the casings individually to check for damage that would make the case unusable for reloading. Remember, this isn’t always an issue the supplier missed; it could be damaged during the shipping process as well.

Hard to find Brass

With the onslaught of new rifles into the market, its becoming increasingly difficult to find reloading brass for the rare and hard to find calibers. If you are reloading one of these calibers that aren’t commercially available anymore, it could seem like a daunting task to find a supplier that carries that particular case.

Why Capital Cartridge?

We at Capital Cartridge pride ourselves on carrying the biggest selection of reloading brass on the market. Whether you’re looking for a common case, like the 9mm or .223, or needing a specialty case like the .35 Whelen, we carry it. On top of that, all of the reloading brass that goes through our warehouse is inspected to verify it is capable of being reloaded.

Though we offer once-fired brass, we purchase from only trusted ranges, as well as military and law enforcement ranges. This ensures we are offering our customers only the best reloading brass available. When you buy from us, you can trust the brass to be suitable for all your reloading needs.