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Introducing Bill Corcoran


Bill Corcoran brings a unique mix of experience and knowledge to the shooting community. Guns, shooting and an unapologetic passion for the 2nd Amendment have been a central theme in his life. Born and raised in New Mexico, Bill spent his youth hunting, camping and shooting with friend

s. He attended college at New Mexico Military Institute and was commission as a US Army Officer and served as an Ordnance Officer where he trained and qualified on weapons from multiple countries and gained proficiency with US weapons dating back to WWII. After his military service, he returned to his hometown and became a Police Officer with the Los Alamos County Police Department. Bill served with the police department for 13 years and was a founding member of both the K9 and Tactical Units where he was trained in close quarters tactics.

Bill left law enforcement in 2002, moved to Texas and went into business for himself. He continued to pursue his passion for shooting and hunting, often hunting waterfowl and upland birds for weeks at a time.After several years in business for himself, Bill attended a seminar on trading the stock market. He became successful with the trading system and went to work for the seminar company teaching people to trade in the stock market. His sales, public speaking and marketing skills propelled him to management positions and ultimately, he became the CEO of the company. When that company was acquired by another company Bill started his own stock market education business, OpenTradez.com. Bill is a sought after public speaker and instructor.

Throughout his speaking and executive career, Bill continued to hold a passion for shooting and would frequent local gun ranges but was frustrated with static bench positions and restrictive rules that did not allow drawing from a holster or rapid fire. He attended a 3 Gun match in 2013 and he was immediately hooked. Bill invested in good 3 Gun gear and sought to align himself with skilled shooters to improve his own skillset. He became friends with Nick Miller who would go on to become a 3 Gun Nation Pro Series shooter. Shortly afterward Bill had some work done on one of his shotguns at Dissident Arms LLC where he met fellow 3 Gun enthusiasts Michael Whitesides and Lan Nguyen. Throughout 2014, Bill worked diligently with the Nick, Michael and Lan on improving his shooting skills. In time, synergies became evident and he became the 4th member of the Dissident Arms 3 Gun Team before the 2015 seasonThe Dissident Arms team has had a huge influence on the Texas 3 Gun scene. Their monthly match has become the gold standard in the area and is often sold out well before the match. Bill facilitated the team’s relationship with their current home range at CCC Shooting Complex. The Dissident Arms Team is frequently seen at major matches and was featured in an article and on the cover of the 3 Gun Nation Magazine in 2015. Bill primarily shoots the Heavy Optics Division and with plenty of help and hard work from his team mates Bill became the #1 Heavy Optics shooter in the 3 Gun Nation Club Series for the 2015 season. That success continued in 2016 with several Heavy Division wins at local club matches and numerous showings at major matches across the nation. In 2017 Bill competed almost exclusively in the Heavy Division and racked up numerous wins at local, matches and was extremely competitive in major matches including 3GN Regionals and the Nations, the He-Man all Heavy Division Championship, the Vortex # Gun Championship, Fallen Brethren 3 Gun, Ft Benning 3 Gun and numerous other major matches across the country. Bill won the 3 Gun Nation South Regional match topping off a very active and successful 2017 season.

Bill is a passionate and enthusiastic advocate for the sport, helping new shooters with advice, equipment and even financial assistance and sponsorships at times. He has been instrumental in the development of local shooters like Maegan Wilson, Jessica Wright and his own son Kyle Corcoran who has become a formidable shooter in his own right. Bill is an adamant supporter of the US Constitution and is an outspoken advocate for a citizen’s right to protect themselves from thugs and tyrants alikeA strong background in sales and marketing as well as a wealth of business experience gives Bill a unique understanding of what it takes to create a customer base. He is an enthusiastic proponent of the products he uses and easily transfers that enthusiasm to others, frequently in one on one discussions at local and major matches. His social media marketing for sponsors is often unique and employs non-traditional marketing efforts. For the 2016 season Bill has dramatically increased the number of scheduled major events and will focus primarily on the Heavy Optics Division while working to improve all aspects of his shooting.