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Introducing Lan Nguyen

Being from Texas, you would think I shot firearms from a young age. There were no guns in our household growing up. Most of my exposure to firearms was through hunting with friends and their family. I went to public ranges every now and again, but wanted more than the standard "one shot per 2 second" rules. I got interested in shooting competitively in 2013, after watching an episode of 3 Gun Nation of the T.V. for the first time. I knew I had to try it after looking up online for videos and watching videos of MGM Ironman, Ft. Benning 3 Gun, some of the Larue matches, and many others.

I was fortunate enough to have won entry to a Noveske 3 Gun Class from Freedom Munitions Houston retail store's Grand Opening in January of 2013. Shortly after I got a taste of my first local match the same month and haven't looked back since. I ended up shooting in (5) 3 Gun majors in my first year and 18 or more 3 gun and USPSA matches. Competition has been taken more seriously, and I have completed multiple classes from World Champion Max Michel which helped me win a 2nd, 1st, and 2nd in the following level 2 USPSA matches in my division. I consistently finish in top 20%. in the TacOps or Practical division in 3 gun, Limited in USPSA, and Modified in IPSC, and will continue to strive towards a national match win. The major match schedule pace has not slowed down, and there are 18 majors planned for 2018 including travelling to France for the 2018 IPSC Shotgun World Shoot and represent the US. 2018 has already started off on a positive note with a 2 nd place finish at the Lucas Oil Shotgun Series Event #1, and 5th at Event #2.

I was born in Springfield, MO and moved to Houston, TX by the time I was 3. I am a graduate from the University of Houston, and a proud adopted Texan. (How do you know if someone is from Texas? They will tell you.) I am also an NRA Member and Certified NRA Pistol Instructor as well as a Smith & Wesson Certified M&P Armorer. Being Co-owner of Dissident Arms, a competition shotgun builder that specializes in the competition magazine fed shotguns, has been quite a rewarding challenge and we owe a lot of our success to our partnership with Briley Manufacturing. I also run Dissident Arms Multigun with my business partner on both ventures, Mike Whitesides. Aside from my positions with the Dissident Group, I am the Sales Director at Capital Cartridge, a once fired brass wholesaler.