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Why Reload Your Own Ammo? Save Money By Reloading Brass

Top Reasons Why You Should Reload Brass

There are, generally speaking, two types of gun owners out there; those that buy factory ammo and those that reload. Now, being one or the other doesn’t make you a better gun owner, especially when you consider the number one rule in owning any firearm is to handle it safely. There are those gun owners who still feel that reloading their own ammunition is a waste of their time. Perhaps, you’re the shooter who feels reloading is too dangerous and that the risk far outweighs the profits.

When you bring it down to the brass tax (see what we did there?), there are many reasons why a shooter may not want to reload their own ammo, their concern about safety being the paramount. Another reason might be that you just don’t shoot enough to justify the investment. If that’s the case, reloading may not be for you. Whatever the case, we wanted to pose a few scenarios to you that most shooters fall under to give you a little more insight as to why reloading is truly for any shooter.

Never run out of ammo!

With the ability to take your spent cases or just brass you come across at the range, and reload it to make new ammo you could potentially never run out of loaded ammo.

It Will Save You Money

While we are being honest, let’s look at this thought. There is no set amount of savings you will have between reloading and buying factory ammo as each shooter, and caliber, is different. What scares many shooters away from reloading is the initial investment. While you can definitely spend a few hundred dollars to get started, that is definitely not a requirement. In fact, many are able to get started with a simple press for under $100, especially if you buy used. This will cut down your investment greatly.

The reality is majority of people get into reloading to save money. The basic economics are that your labor and ability to find deals on components like primers, powder, and projectiles are where the cost savings come in. Now let’s look at some numbers; If you were to purchase a 50-round box of 44 magnum bullets, you would spend around $35-40. Now, once you take away the price of the initial investment, you could reload that same amount of ammunition for roughly $13, with a grand savings total $22.

Reloading helps you be more accurate

One thing the ammunition manufacturers don’t want you to realize is that they make their rounds to the shortest SAAMI specifications. There is a valid reason. Since every gun reacts differently, this allows the manufacturer to ensure every gun chambered in the specific caliber can chamber their rounds without jamming into the action or causing any damage to the firearm.

What reloading allows you to do is to customize your ammo to fit your specific gun. You can change the configuration of you round, such as varying the bullet seat depths and powder charge, to allow the ammo to reach its peak accuracy. This deep knowledge will undoubtedly make you a better shooter.

No, reloading doesn’t make you any more special than the next guy, but think of all the fun and excitement you are missing out on by not getting into the art of reloading!