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Reloading Ammo For Self Reliance

For some, reloading was simply the next step in becoming a more advanced shooter. For others, it ensures a way of life. Every year, hundreds of thousands of consumers become first-time gun owners. And, as the amount of gun owners increases, so does the demand of ammunition. The basic truth is that having a firearm is useless if you don’t have ammunition.

Reloading Brass
Investing in reloading hit a peak when the ammo supply drops a few years ago. Suddenly, shooters were confronted with the fact that the supply of ammo isn’t endless. That brought on the need of many to reload for a reason other than saving money or improving accuracy: self-reliance.

We joke about apocalyptic scenarios, commonly referred to as times when SHTF. We run game-time scenarios of zombie invasions and the like. Though we may never have to fight the walking dead, it is always good practice to be prepared for any situation. If that happens and you plan on trusting your gun for protection and survival, it won’t take long before the ammo supply runs out.

With that in mind, if you have the knowledge to create your own ammunition, you will essentially have a limitless supply of ammo. The only limit, then, will be your access to ammo-making supplies. Those who have the ability to reload will become dominant in a world where survival is key. Here’s why:
You will never have to worry about stores running out of ammunition. You control your own supplies, and aren’t subject to the whims of ammunition suppliers or overzealous legislators.
If ammunition ever dries up or vanishes, you can make your own. People like to joke about apocalyptic scenarios, but in an environment where the supply chain is interrupted (which can be caused by many things including natural disasters or civil unrest), reloaders will always have ammo.
You can recycle some parts of the reloading process (brass, for example), extending the range of your supplies and ensuring long-term protection. Reloading supplies are finite, but can last much longer than factory ammunition packs if stored correctly.

Ways to insure your ammo supply
Rather than stocking up on factory bought ammo, which is the method of choice for many shooters, stock up on reloading supplies. Of course, always ensure you are storing the supplies properly and safely. It is recommended to check with your city/county government municipalities to see if there are restrictions for storing powder and primer.
Also, be sure that you have load data for any caliber you will be reloading. Keep in mind, in this sort of scenario, it may become necessary to load a different caliber. Be prepared by having popular caliber load data in your storeroom, a reliable manufacturer’s reloading book is a good start.
As always, maintain your equipment properly. In the event that something catastrophic does occur, it won’t be as simple as going to the store to get a new piece. That’s also why it’s important to know how to operate your equipment properly. Most beginners, whether they admit it or not, will simply use the equipment without reading the manuals. This will often lead to pre-mature equipment malfunctions.
Reloading is an exceptionally rewarding and interesting hobby that yields tangible benefits in your personal safety and self-reliance. Honestly, every gun owner should be familiar with the reloading process, as it provides deep insight into the inner-workings of firearms and the ammunition they use.