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Bulk Once-Fired 10mm Pistol Brass

Capital Cartridge has the bulk 10mm brass resellers need to fill orders now. Whether you're in the market offering raw or processed brass to your local consumers, Capital has the brass you need to make business boom. Leave the struggle of sourcing once-fired brass to your competition. Let Capital Cartridge do the legwork and simply order the cartridges you need to supply your consumers.

Capital Cartridge's wholesale bulk 10mm brass for sale is offered in 2000+ casing lots of mixed headstamp, unprocessed cartridges. Process it fully for reloading and turn over a finished product, or offer our 10mm bulk brass for sale in smaller raw lots to give local reloaders complete control. If you run a retail reloading business, Capital Cartridge offers 10mm bulk brass for sale so you can get to work filling orders without hunting for reloading brass.