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Bulk .357 Magnum Reloading Brass / Nickel

The .357 Magnum is one of the most popular pistol cartridges of all time. It's only common sense that the market for .357 Magnum reloading brass is booming and some areas have issues with the availability of bulk once-fired .357 Magnum brass. For those resellers who find they have issues finding bulk reloading brass for the .357 Magnum, Capital Cartridge is the source you've been looking for.

Capital Cartridge offers lots of bulk .357 Magnum brass to fill every reseller's needs. Capital offers .357 Magnum range brass in mixed headstamp lots of 2,000 all-brass casings. Forget the hassle of getting your bulk .357 Magnum ammo empties from multiple sources that dry up when you can least afford it. Buy bulk .357 Mag ammo from Capital Cartridge. Repackage these empties in smaller lots for resale to local reloaders or process them to add value before selling them in your own local market. Either way, Capital Cartridge has the brass you need.