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Bulk .38 Special Pistol Brass / Nickel

While 38 special has long been a popular cartridge, you can't always bet on local sources for spent ammunition to produce enough volume to fill resale orders. When you have orders to fill and need to get your hands on once-fired brass as soon as possible, talk to the team at Capital Cartridge. We'll have your order filled and on its way so you can worry about marketing instead of sourcing reloading brass.

Capital Cartridge offers wholesale lots of bulk .38 Special brass for resellers who have a local market for the ever-popular cartridge. Whether the goal is to fully process, load and offer bulk .38 Special reloads to the consumer or to polish the bulk .38 Special brass and leave the reloading to the buyer, Capital Cartridge has what you need. Capital offers spent bulk .38 Special ammo in mixed headstamp lots of 20,500 pieces, ready for repackaging or processing.