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Bulk .380 Auto Reloading Pistol Brass

Some pistol calibers, such as the .380, are popular with the concealed carry market, but it can be hard to find enough bulk once fired .380 brass to meet the demand. Capital Cartridge offers the bulk .380 auto reloading brass your market needs without the hassle of sourcing.

Capital offers bulk .380 brass for sale in 3,000 casing lots. These lots comprise mixed headstamp cartridges reclaimed from commercial ranges across the country, sorted and packaged, ready to ship for your resale needs. Choose lots of bulk .380 brass in solid brass or nickel finishes. These cartridges are unprocessed, ready for your special touch or immediate repackaging for resale in smaller lots. Capital Cartridge has the brass that reloaders and resellers need.

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380 Auto Pistol Brass 3,000 Cases .380 Auto Pistol Brass

Headstamps Are Mixed
3000+ Casings

Our Price: $180.00
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