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Bulk 7.62 x 51 Once-Fired Brass

Those resellers who have a market for large quantities of 7.62 x 51 bulk brass for reloading can find it difficult to source enough ammunition to meet demand. That’s not a problem anymore: Capital Cartridge is the most reliable source of bulk 7.62 brass for resale you're likely to find.

Capital Cartridge is the easy-to-access source for bulk 7.62 x 51 once-fired brass. Capital offers lots of 20,000+ 100-percent-brass cartridges for sale. These cartridges are mostly Lake City headstamps, but these may be mixed with others. This is raw, unprocessed reloading 7.62 x 51 brass, complete with spent primers intact. Capital’s bulk 308 brass is sourced from domestic military ranges. Process this bulk 7.62 NATO brass for resale, or simply repackage it in easy-to-retail lots. Either way, Capital Cartridge has the bulk brass to feed the 308 reloaders’ needs.