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Bulk Once-Fired 9mm Pistol Brass / Nickel

Capital Cartridge offers wholesale lots of bulk 9mm brass casings to the small arms community. Resellers can process and repackage these lots of bulk 9mm brass into consumer-sized ready-to-load packages or simply divide them into more manageable lots for your local consumers to process on their own. Whatever your business's goals are, Capital Cartridge has once-fired 9mm brass in bulk lots to suit your market.

Capital Cartridge offers bulk 9mm brass for reloading in mixed headstamp lots of 2,500 pieces in both nickel finished and solid brass casings. Larger lots of 28,500 and even 80,000 pieces are available to fill your wholesale 9mm brass needs. Skip the hassle of tracking down bulk reloading brass in your area. Capital Cartridge offers an easy and economical alternative to hunting for brass on your own. We have the volume of once-fired brass you need to supply your consumer base without wasting time and energy on dead ends.

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9mm Pistol Brass shipped as 2,500 pieces per box 9mm Pistol Brass

Headstamps Are Mixed
2,500+ Casings

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