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Once-Fired .260 Remington Brass

The .260 Remington started out as a fairly humble wildcat load created from the .308 Winchester. It offers the same trajectory as the .300 Winchester Magnum but with much less recoil. While the 260 began its life as a simple necked-down .308, it has become so much more. The 2010 NRA High Power National was won with a .260 Remington, earning it a new level of respect from the shooting community and a place in the reloaders repertoire for years to come. The only problem with that is, 260 Remington Brass doesn’t exactly fall from the sky. For the reloader who wants a predictable supply of once fired 260 Remington Brass, Capital Cartridge is here with the necessary quantities of quality 260 Rem Brass.

Whether it's for personal use or for sale reloading, the 260 Remington gets a lot easier when Capital Cartridge supplies the empties. Capital offers lots of cleaned and polished Remington 260 brass ready for processing. Each 25-piece mixed headstamp lot features 100-percent brass cartridges ready for the reloader’s personal touch.

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.260 Rem Rifle Brass .260 Rem Rifle Brass

Headstamps Are Mixed
25 Casings

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