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Once-Fired .300 Savage Rifle Brass

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300 Savage Rifle Brass .300 Savage Rifle Brass

Headstamps Are Mixed
25 Casings

Our Price: $23.25
The 300 Savage may not be the most popular cartridge in the world, but it’s still a favorite with many hunters. This cartridge offers similar performance to the 308 Winchester and .30-06 in a smaller rimless case. While its performance is right there with the big boys, it’s sometimes a little tricky to keep up with the demand for reloading brass for the 300 Savage. When custom reloaders need to find 300 Savage brass in stock, Capital Cartridge is here to save the day.

Capital Cartridge has 300 Savage brass for sale in lots of 25 casings. This used 300 Savage brass is offered in mixed headstamp lots of 100-percent-brass casings. Our 300 Savage brass is once-fired, unprocessed brass for the 300 Savage that is washed and polished but has not been further processed. From depriming and resizing to bullet seating, the specialty reloader gets full control with 300 Savage brass from Capital Cartridge.