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Once-Fired 300 WSM Brass

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300 WSM Rifle Brass R-P .300 WSM Rifle Brass

Headstamps Are Mixed
25 Casings

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The 300 Winchester Short Magnum is a fairly popular cartridge with hunters, but it can be a problem to find once-fired 300 WSM brass for specialty reloading projects. Reloaders looking for a consistent source of 300 WSM reloading brass may not be able to find local sources capable of filling their needs. Capital Cartridge offers 25-piece lots of 300 WSM brass for sale in both solid brass and nickel-plated cartridges.

Capital Cartridge has done the dirty work but left it to the reloader to create the perfect custom reloaded 300 WSM ammunition from our quality casings. All of Capital’s lots of 300 Winchester Short Mag brass are mixed-headstamp lots of washed and polished cases. Our 300 Win Short Mag brass is unprocessed and ready for the specialty reloader’s personal touch.