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Once-Fired .338 Lapua Magnum Brass

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338 Lapua Mag Rifle Brass .338 Lapua Mag Rifle Brass

Headstamps Are Mixed
25 Casings

Our Price: $45.00
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Among the distance-shooting crowd, the demand for 338 Lapua once-fired military brass is frequently stronger than the supply available in most areas. Capital Cartridge is here to resolve that supply issue for the reloading community. Capital offers 338 Lapua brass for sale in 25-casing lots ready for that upcoming reloading project.

All of Capital’s 338 Lapua reloading brass is washed and polished. This once-fired 338 Lapua Magnum brass is supplied in mixed-headstamp lots of 100-percent-brass casings. These empties are sourced from commercial target ranges, but Capital has done the dirty work, sorting out the junk and washing and polishing the brass so it’s ready for the custom reloader’s touch.