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Once-Fired .338 Win Mag Brass

There is one go-to round for big-game hunters in all of North America and much of Africa. That round is the 338 Winchester Magnum. Big-game guys being the creatures they are, the demand for reloading brass for 338 Win Mag is higher than the availability in many areas can match. Those who have issues finding a steady source for once-fired 338 Win Mag brass will be happy to know that Capital Cartridge has 338 Win Mag brass for sale. Capital sources its brass from ranges across the country, so it has what you need even when local sources dry up. Capital offers once-fired 338 Win Mag brass to reloaders in mixed-headstamp lots of 25 cartridges each. Capital has 338 Win Mag brass in stock, ready to ship. Contact Capital Cartridge for all of your 338 Winchester Magnum brass needs.