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Once Fired .308/7.62 x 51 Brass

Capital Cartridge offers lots of 7.62 x 51 brass for sale for the discerning reloader in quantities from 250 casings to 1000+ casings. We have both brass and nickel cases available to suit any reloading application. For those who prefer a fully processed 7.62 x 51 case, Capital Cartridge has these available in mixed headstamp lots of 250 or 1000 casings. Fully processed cases are de-primed, swaged, trimmed, resized and polished so they’re press ready as shipped.

Once fired 308 brass is available for sale from Capital Cartridge in lots of 100 casings and in nickel-finished lots of 50 casings. All of our lots of 308 casings are washed and polished and ready for processing. Nickel and brass casings are available in mixed headstamp lots, and we also offer 100-piece lots of Remington-Peters casings. All of the once fired 308 cases offered for sale by Capital Cartridge are high-quality, ready-to-process cartridges.

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7.62x51 Fully Processed Rifle Brass Fully Processed 7.62x51 Rifle Brass

Mixed Headstamps
250 Casings

Our Price: $42.00
12 in stock!
7.62x51  Unprocessed Rifle Brass 7.62x51 Rifle Brass

Mixed NATO Headstamps
500+ Casings

Our Price: $47.00
4 in stock!
308 Win Unprocessed Rifle Brass .308 Win Rifle Brass

Mixed Headstamps
100 Casings

Our Price: $14.00
Out of Stock