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Reloaders are quickly discovering that Capital Cartridge is their best choice when they need once-fired brass in almost any caliber, but that's not all. It gets even better when they find out Capital also handles bullets for reloading. Why go to one source for brass and another for reloading bullets when you can purchase both from the same outlet? There's no need to add those extra steps anymore.

Capital Cartridge wants to be your go-to source for the bullets to go with your brass. Whether it's 30 06 reloading bullets, 200 grain .45 ACP, 115 grain or 147 grain 9mm bullets for reloading, Capital has what you need. Choose your caliber; all of Capital's offerings come in 500 count lots. From .40/10 to 223 reloading bullets, Capital Cartridge's X-TREME Bullet offerings bring reloaders quality bullets conveniently alongside the brass they need.

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9mm-115gr RN Bullets 9mm-115gr RN Bullets

Sig Sauer Projectiles
500 Count

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